Pie In Face For Whipping Childhood Cancer Awareness

Olando City players took pies to the face after training Wednesday to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

The Lions partnered with Be Brave Structure, which supports location families handling youth cancer, for the 2nd year in a row to take the “Whipping Childhood Cancer Difficulty.”.

All players took a shaving-cream pie to the face after chanting, “Let’s whip childhood cancer!”.

“My kid, Joshua Chambers, he’s fighting cancer today,” said Mina Chambers, co-founder of the foundation and Joshua’s mom. “He challenged the group and they allowed.

“It’s called the 46/7 difficulty, for 46 children who are getting identified a day and the seven children who die a day. If you take the obstacle, you offer $7 to your structure of option. Or, you give $46 if you refuse the obstacle.”.
Joshua Chambers, who is fighting childhood cancer, smashed a shaving-cream pie into the face of Orlando City backup goalkeeper Earl Edwards, Jr. after atraining session Wednesday.

Joshua personally smooshed pies into the faces of lots of gamers, who kneeled on the ground so he might reach them.

“As you can see, we got it everywhere,” Orlando City’s Lewis Neal stated. “We had a bit of enjoyment with it. Anything we can do, undoubtedly we’ll participate and do whatever we can for a cause as big as cancer.”.

The Lions prepare to challenge other MLS groups and players to get involved.

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