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Touched by Cancer, Jan/Feb 2011About Touched by Cancer

Touched by Cancer magazine is a free, bimonthly publication focused on helping anyone who has been touched by cancer and is being treated here in central North Carolina. Our goal is to be a unique resource that provides practical information, inspirational stories and useful insight to those who are battling cancer and/or to those assisting a friend or loved one through this difficult time.

A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming in every aspect, including trying to sort through the mountain of information that is available, and Touched by Cancer exists to assist you in navigating through that information overload. There are a million questions going through your head, and we want to help answer as many of them as possible so you can concentrate on getting through this.

Touched by Cancer is not a medical journal, and the stories, feelings and/or experiences included should in no way, shape or form replace the specific recommendations or treatments that are being provided by your doctors and medical professionals. We’re here to let you know what’s going on in the area that may be of interest, to keep you informed of what cancer-related news is being made in the area and to offer insights from patients, doctors, administrators, patient advocates and other industry insiders whose knowledge and experience may benefit you and your family.

We created this site and its companion magazine to help you collect vital information so that you can be an active participant in your treatment and keep your life as close to normal as possible. Cancer is no longer a death sentence—we’re here to help you make the most of your life.